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Tiger Fight, October 22, Tottenham Hotspur is about to face the challenge of Austrian powerhouse Linz LASK in the Europa League group stage. Before the match, Tottenham defender Davinson Sanchez was interviewed by the media and talked about many issues. .

10月22日,老虎战斗,托特纳姆热刺队将在欧洲联赛小组赛中面对奥地利劲旅林茨·拉斯克的挑战。比赛开始前,热刺后卫戴维森·桑切斯受到媒体采访,并谈到了许多问题。 。

Of course, it is important to have a good start. Getting these victories (three points) is very important, when you talk about a game played at home, you have to give everything for it. Of course, the result is obviously the most important. Our lineup is very strong, strong enough to face these difficulties and do these things, I don't have any questions about it.


Of course, such results are difficult to accept, and we all know that the results should be better. Of course, the boys will become more experienced to face these things and do everything they can to avoid repeating the same mistakes.


This is my fourth season for Tottenham. For me and the team, we have experienced some very good moments. As a player, I think I have a better performance, and I am lucky to have these teammates by my side. In the Tottenham locker room, this environment gave me a chance to become a better player and a better man. I want to give everything to improve myself.


Of course, everyone is talking about what happened on Sunday, but as a team, as I said, we are doing our best to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Because you know very well that if we want to do something important, then we must avoid such results.


So I think we have been making progress on this point, in order to win everything and become a strong team, since I came to Tottenham, we have been working hard on this road for many years, and I think we are now Already on the road. The team has a very good start. We are only a few points away from the top position. When you ask us if we are a good fit, we will only think about this in our own way. What we showed is that we are trying to avoid a result like Sunday, and we also know what it means.


We communicated with each other, which is of course very difficult to accept, and this is why we communicate. We can't make this mistake again, not just me, but the coach, the captain and everyone in the locker room think so.


Of course, I am from Colombia, and if I must go to the national team, as a player I really want to play for my country. Like you said, I may be back late, but I want to come back and prepare for the team's game.


After something like that happened last weekend, I think this is something that can be seen in the game. We are football players, and we have talked about all these things. As a defender, I don’t think it’s special. I only care about and focus on the next game.




Since I came to Tottenham, I have been observing who are the regulars of the game and who will always make the list of starting eleven. Everyone knows the power of Toby and Young. They have helped me a lot since I came to Tottenham because I play for the same club as them. Even Eric (Dale), when he was a midfielder, he was ready to help me.


Now this is a healthy competition. We came to the team to help the team get better. We still remember Vertonghen because he was once a very important leader for us. When he was a full-back, we had already made great progress. We are here to help the team, and the choice made by the coach is to take the club in the direction he wants.


After he played for the club for a long time, everyone in this club knew him and had a good relationship with him, but the club always wanted to look forward.


We have to adapt (without Vertonghen), and be prepared for all games, help each other and support each other, I think we have the ability to do this. Maybe this is a very painful thing, because we have a very close relationship with Wiltonghen, but he left the team, I think he is really a good person.


We want to be in that suitable position so that we have the opportunity to fight until the end. This is a ten-minute period that will not appear again in the future, and we must not lose to any opponent. It's not just about a capable opponent, but we can't give in and bow to any opponent, even before or at the end of the game. We have a lot of experienced players, and these players have also played in high-level leagues for a long time, so this kind of result is very unacceptable, because it will cause incalculable serious damage to the team after it happens. . We have enough experience to keep going, but we will not forget what happened. Tomorrow is the next game, yes, look forward.

我们希望处于适当的位置,以便我们有机会战斗到最后。这是一个十分钟的时期,以后将不会再出现,我们绝不能输给任何对手。这不仅关乎一个有能力的对手,而且即使在比赛开始之前或比赛结束时,我们也不能屈服于任何对手。我们有很多经验丰富的球员,而且这些球员也曾在高等级联赛中踢过很长时间,所以这种结果是非常不可接受的,因为这会在发生后对球队造成不可估量的严重损害。 。我们有足够的经验继续前进,但是我们不会忘记发生了什么。明天是下一场比赛,是的,期待。

At that time, Ajax performed very well as a team, really very good, just like they did two seasons ago, but at the time we performed well, but we lacked experience. At that time we had a lot of potential players, but they were really inexperienced. The conversation was very interesting, but if my coach said this to me, I would really admit the problem.


I want to be able to keep improving. We performed very well at the time, but we let Pogba and Fellaini succeed, and I can give you the names of players who only played two or three times in the European game. It is acceptable, and I accepted all this in a positive way.


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