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168飞艇开奖网最新版:纳达尔为何在红土无人能敌 最可怕之处在于这点

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News from October 12th, Beijing time, the 2020 French Open ended the men’s singles final. I thought the final would be the "peak duel" between Nadal and Djokovic, but Nadal proved that he is still in the strong performance. Is the king of clay court. Since he won the French Open for the first time in 2005, only Soderling and Djokovic have defeated him in Roland Garros, and this is the result of a combination of many factors.


Nadal’s technical characteristics have destined him to belong to the clay court. First of all, Nadal’s left-handed racket has an innate advantage, coupled with his super topspin. According to data analysis, Nadal’s fore-spin topspin averages per minute. It can exceed 3000 revolutions, and even hit 5500 revolutions at the highest. Such a powerful spin often makes opponents "unbearable". Coupled with the characteristics of the ground, this usually allows Nadal to easily suppress opponents. In addition to technology, Nadal’s superb physical fitness is also one of the reasons for his longevity in the French Open. Of course, adequate physical fitness does not mean victory, but Nadal is strong. He can reasonably allocate physical fitness and is critical Improve yourself again in time sharing.


   Since the rise of Nadal, countless players have tried to beat Nadal at Roland Garros, but so far, only Soderling and Djokovic have done this. The two play styles are also completely different. Soderling tore through Nadal's defense through serve and violent draws, while Dejo defeated Nadal through defensive counterattacks and rhythm control, and defeated Nadal through these two players. It is not difficult to find that if you want to defeat Nadal here, you will break Nadal’s defense with a violent shot, or you will take the rhythm in your own hands, but players who can do one of these two points are all players. Very few.


In addition to technical and physical fitness, the five-set three wins of the Grand Slam is different from the three-set two wins of the Tour. The five-set three wins game requires higher stability for the players. For some players, it is explosive It may be possible to plant two sets, but it is very difficult to blow three sets. Schwarzman defeated Nadal in two sets in Rome this year, but Nadal achieved revenge in the French Open. In addition to Nadal's own emphasis on the game, whether he can maintain his high level in three sets is also This venue faces a big challenge for Nadal.


In fact, the new generation of players has been following in the footsteps of Nadal, whether it is Tim, Berrettini and other players with very good physical conditions, or players like Schwarzman who are gradually improving in technology, they It also put a lot of pressure on Nadal, but in addition to the technical test, the Grand Slam has the same test of mental strength. Among these players, Tim has entered the French Open finals twice and has a first taste of the US Open. As always, Berettini and Schwarzman have not even reached the Grand Slam finals. It can be said that, besides Tim, first of all, they can reach deeper rounds in the French Open many times before they can be in the French Open. Have enough courage to face Nadal.


In the French Open final in 2020, Nadal surprised people once again. He defeated Djokovic in three sets. What is even more amazing is that the first two sets only allowed Djokovic to score 2 games and only 6 out of 21 winning points. Unforced error. This may also make his opponents most fearful. It is not that his progress is not fast enough, but that Nadal has been improving. What is even more frightening is that such progress can not even see the upper limit.




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