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168飞艇开奖网最新版:郜林:情况对深足不公平 美丽足球不适合于保级

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   In the first round of the contest against Tianjin TEDA, Shenzhen Kaisa team lost 0 to 2, and suffered a big blow. At 3:30 tomorrow afternoon, Shenzhen Football Club will face TEDA, who has a two-goal advantage, at the Dalian Sports Center Stadium. After a last fight, he was deeply seeking change and reversal. The coach Cruyff stated before the game that tomorrow's game will show the team's transformation. He believes that the whole team will show the best; and the captain Gao Lin simply bluntly said, Beautiful football is not suitable for the cruel relegation stage. The defense should be defensive and the offense should be offensive.


In the last round of the match against Tianjin TEDA, Shenfoot suffered from staff disorder. With the three absolute main players Mali, Dai Weijun and Zhang Yuan all injured, Cruyff could not make the strongest starting lineup, plus The ball was lost shortly after the start of the game. The deep-footed players under heavy pressure made continuous mistakes, collectively sleepwalking, and eventually lost to their opponents 0-2. This result set the morale of the team to a frustration.


Through the adjustments these days, Shenzhen Football has come out of the shadow of the defeat. For tomorrow’s game, coach Cruyff said that the team will be in a different state: "Everyone knows this game. We look forward to the team’s performance in this game than the last one. I believe in my team. I believe in the spirit, temperament and character of the players. I have this confidence and belief that we will be in the game. To show the best in it."


Captain Gao Lin said: "The players have adjusted from the last defeat in the past two days, and everyone is full of energy. This is the football game. Maybe we lost four or five days ago. Tomorrow we can use our fighting spirit and hard work. Win the opponent and prove ourselves again. In the first stage, we worked hard to reach the top four, and there were also many injuries. There are several important players on the team that can’t start. There are some influences, but everyone is ready for tomorrow's game and will face this hard and cruel game with a more positive attitude and full of energy."

高林队长说:“球员们在过去两天的失利中进行了调整,每个人都充满了活力。这是足球比赛。也许我们四,五天前就输了。明天我们可以运用我们的斗志和努力工作,赢得对手并再次证明自己。在第一阶段,我们努力进入前四名,而且受伤也很多。团队中有几个重要的球员无法启动。 ,但是每个人都为明天的比赛做好了准备,并且将以更加积极的态度和充满活力地面对这场艰苦而残酷的比赛。”

  Tianjin Teda has a two-goal advantage. If the opponent defends with all his strength, how should Shenzhen Football break? In this regard, Xiaoke said: "Obviously, we are at a disadvantage at the level of score. We need more offense. We have been offensive in the last game, but our opponents are better than us in terms of conversion rate and success rate. Better, I hope tomorrow’s accuracy will be on our side, but we know that the difficulties are in front of us, there is nothing difficult in the world, as long as we are willing to climb.


   Dai Weijun missed the last game due to injury, which directly affected the performance of the offensive end of the deep foot. When asked about his physical condition, Cruyff said: It is not convenient to disclose. Xiaoke never introduces the team’s injuries in public. When a reporter asked about Mali’s injuries, he said: “Mali is the team’s most scoring player. He is very threatening in the penalty area. In fact In the last five or six games, he has played only two or three games for 90 minutes, and we miss him very much. If the opponent also tells them the injuries and physical conditions of all the players, then I will say, very Obviously, the opponent will not tell us either."


In the Super League, teams with high ball possession often fail to achieve good results. In this regard, Cruyff said with deep feeling: "In recent years, many coaches have also asked themselves the same questions. Relatively speaking, the team with a statistical advantage will become the winning side in other leagues, but here, it is often the opposite. Sometimes, for teams that are good at counterattacks, they don’t need too much To control the ball, you only need to seize the opportunity, have a good goal conversion rate, and convert the opportunity into a goal to win. What we have to do now is to focus on tomorrow’s game, we have to create good scoring opportunities And converted into goals."


Regarding whether Shenzhen Football deeply recognizes the severity and uncertainty of the relegation situation, Captain Gao Lin said: "In the fourteenth round, we were still struggling for the place in the championship group. In the fifteenth round, we appeared. In the relegation team. I personally think that it is unfair to our team because everyone has put in a lot of effort, but this is a good challenge for the team. A mature team has to face different things. It’s difficult. In different games, you need to change your style. You should defend when you defend and attack when you attack. The result can represent the final ranking."


When talking about the lessons the team learned from the first round defeat, Gao Lin said bluntly: "The lesson is that this is a cruel relegation battle. Beautiful football is not suitable for this stage of the game. In the end, no matter what method is used to win, the final relegation. It’s what the team needs most at the moment." Shenzu won in many games without scoring. In this regard, Gao Lin said: "The team is hardworking and energetic. We have been working hard to create offensive opportunities and strive to score goals. But in terms of mentality and grasp of opportunities, we are lacking. Our team is very good. Everyone is very eager to play better football. There may be lack of ability, but each of us wants to do it. the best."


   After losing the first round of the game, the morale of the Shenzhen Football Team will inevitably be hit. Coupled with the impact of player injuries, how can Cruyff regain the confidence of the players in a few days? In this regard, Xiaoke said: "Tomorrow’s game, we need to see the team’s ups and downs. As the captain said, we are still fighting for the championship in the fourteenth round. To fight for relegation, the nature, requirements, and styles of the two different groups are completely different. In the last stage, our offense will be more open, and the requirements of the current game are different. For tomorrow’s game, we will See the whole transformation of the team."


Xiaoke also emphasized that the mentality of the players in the battle is very important: "Attention in the game is very important. What we need most now is to score goals. However, we must not be too flustered and too cramped to play the game. We know the need Score a goal, but we have to control the situation on the field to complete the goal. The opponent is already two goals ahead, and they may delay the pace and time of the game during the game. This is also normal, so we must maintain our mindset Calm down and play well.” (Wen Li)

肖克还强调,战斗中玩家的心态非常重要:“游戏中的注意力非常重要。我们现在最需要的是进球。但是,我们玩游戏时不要太心慌,局促。我们知道需要进球,但是我们必须控制场上的情况才能完成目标,对手已经提前两个进球,这可能会延迟比赛的节奏和时间。正常,因此我们必须保持思维定势,保持冷静并保持良好状态。” (文莉)

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