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飞艇168开奖网网址:总结与反思:七种习惯 助你成为高效扑克玩家

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   Article source: Smart Entertainment

文章来源:Smart Entertainment

  Excellent poker gameplay mostly comes from thinking about the specific situation of the hand you are in, and using appropriate strategies to maximize your gains or minimize losses in this hand. Even so, I found that some of my advantages at the poker table come from my good habits, and these habits have little to do with the card value and the betting range.


   Seven of these behaviors are listed below. Of course, they are not a substitute for thoughtful games, but by making these behaviors a habit and thus an automatic behavior, you can better focus your attention on other things that really require thinking.


   Posture is very important (Photo: Partypoker)




   Many players leaned wildly on the table, shrank their hands and twisted their bodies, which was a kind of injury to them. This can become particularly harmful when playing a long game. Instead, you should practice a relaxed, comfortable, and reproducible method of sitting and moving.


Good posture, feet upright and evenly on the floor, the torso is centered comfortably, the head is balanced and relaxed, and the arms are relatively loose and free. This will help you avoid physical strain. These strains will affect easy thinking and make People are irritable and injured, and they are definitely distracting.


   Make it part of your playing routine-like a buy or a seat change button.


   aligning with your breathing can help you keep an eye on the bonus. (Photo: WSOP)

与呼吸保持一致可以帮助您关注奖金。 (照片:WSOP)


   Talk to any sports coach, yoga coach or coach, and you will hear the importance of breathing properly. This is important for good health and playing poker.


   When you sit down in the game for the first time, after you position yourself comfortably, take a few long, deep breaths. You will find it calms and recovers, and helps to build an alert, focused attitude that is useful for maintaining emotional control and making good decisions. It will also set a more relaxing and deep breathing mode for your entire treatment.


   This will prove to be useful for maintaining your endurance and concentration, especially in long and intense matches.


   Hevad Khan knows. . . . . . Leave the card table for a few minutes and stretch your body to control your emotions. (Photo: PokerUpdate)

赫瓦德·汗知道。 。 。 。 。 。离开卡桌几分钟,然后伸展身体以控制情绪。 (照片:PokerUpdate)



   Get in the habit of getting up from your seat at least every hour or so. You don't need to feel pain, restlessness, hunger or fatigue. Just do it!


   Stretch your legs and give yourself a break, even if it is a short break. This will help promote blood circulation and help you think. Resting will also provide you with a space for you to consider how you play, how profitable your table is, and whether you are in a proper mental and emotional state to continue your game.


  The secret of the future is hidden in your daily life (Photo: PokerStars)




   In every hand you play, there are many small moves. Doing these actions in the same way every time is another way. In this way, you can eliminate distractions and learn to focus on the important parts of the game.


   At the beginning of each hand, gather the cards together, open a corner for people to watch, while blocking others' sight; look at the cards; record the cards; lay flat on the table; center; cover with a card press.


  Learn to do these small movements in a unified, efficient, smooth, and confident manner, and then make this practice a habit.


   It will help you maintain a relaxed posture at the poker table, project a confident and unified image to your opponent, and prevent any possible telling or reaction, otherwise it may indicate the true strength of your hand.


   By developing the habit of keeping cards, you can also avoid unnecessary, distracting, and potentially revealing actions, and recheck your cards as your hand progresses.


   Don't worry, Phil Hellmuth knows exactly how much money is in the pot he bet. (Photo: HighstakesDB)

别担心,Phil Hellmuth确切知道他所下的彩池中有多少钱。 (照片:HighstakesDB)



   You have to do this often, as a matter of habit, make it automatic and unnoticed. Do this intentionally at first, even if it slows down your game. After a while, the countdown pot will become your routine.


   If you always keep a running total of pots in your mind, when you have a difficult decision, you will not be found to slow down the game when you count down the pot. Although this is only necessary when you are in your hand, if you practice even when you are not involved in the action, it will help speed up the habituation of this important behavior.


   My experience is that each practice takes three or four hours to form a habit, so don’t get discouraged at the beginning of the practice.


   Daniel Negreanu’s bet is clearer than his shirt (Photo: USA Today)

Daniel Negreanu的赌注比他的衬衫还清晰(照片:今日美国)



   creates a standard behavior for every betting action, including folds. Pause for a few seconds before acting and give yourself time to think, even if you don't need this time because you have an obvious fold.


  Before any betting action, decide the amount you want to bet. Announce action and bet; stack the chips you want to bet in front of you, then move the chips forward decisively once.


   By regularizing your betting behavior, you will avoid any possible hesitation or vacillation telling that many weak players show up. You will also create and project an air of confidence, which will help you play.


   Phil Ivey knows how to smile triumphantly. (Photo: Phil-ivey.net)

菲尔·艾维(Phil Ivey)懂得如何洋洋得意地微笑。 (照片:Phil-ivey.net)



  Many players have a standard resting expression, giving a negative atmosphere. They frown or otherwise look unkind or harsh.


   They may think this is the ideal face of poker, but they would be wrong. Serious and scary expressions will make any vitality in the game lifeless, making opposing players cautious, nervous, and less willing to gamble. You don't want this.


   In most cases, the happier, friendlier, and relaxed players are, the more likely they are to split their chips willingly to make the game more exciting.


   Accordingly, set your default facial expression to smile. You don't need to wear a ridiculous smile like a fool, but a pleasant and slight smile is definitely better than a grumpy expression. Get in the habit of projecting a friendly, positive face to others at the table. This will help set the tone for a more profitable game.




   Of course, developing these positive habits does not guarantee success. You still have to play a profitable poker game. However, by incorporating them into your game, you can better focus on making those well-thought-out decisions to make the game profitable.


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